Floyd Mayweather V Conor McGregor part 2…Fook that!

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fought but it was the lead up which excited more than the fight. Floyd Mayweather with his 49 and 0 record v the star of UFC the money ticket Conor McGregor.

While their disciplines are different it was, in fact, their similarities that drove the fever for this fight. Brash-talking, lovers of the ostentatious and quick to show the trappings of the respective beatings they dished out. They both reside in that marmite analogy.

But the truth regarding this whole spectacle was just that. There was no real integrity apart from the ‘integrity’ of accumulating vast amounts of money. The tour around different parts of the globe, the abuse, trash talking and one liner ‘I’m half black from the waist down’ all finely orchestrated for maximum financial gain. And for me, that is the problem.

“Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor stunk, reeked of all that makes the fight game occasionally distasteful. On the night it was clear that Floyd (maybe to his credit) prolonged the inevitable. It was a poor excuse for a contest.”

Maybe I am a purist. Maybe I need to feel that the fighters are genuinely there to fight. Yes, they want to earn money and we cannot in many respects begrudged them that in a sport that can and does lead to fatalities. But I do want to see that intrinsic need to be the best genuinely on the show. Maybe I am too concerned with those boxers like Marvin Haggler, Sugar Ray, Arturo Gatti, Micky Ward, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson even the fictional Rocky Balboa. I can see Rocky now, clubbing Clubber Lang so he can go home to meek ADRIA AANNNNNNNN as she cowers in the corner of their lounge. I always felt Rocky stayed with the meek ADRIAAANNNNNNNN for her animal insatiability (if you get what I mean)-I digress. The fact is, these boxers all possessed that lay it on the line attitude. That gladiatorial spirit that we hanker for.

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor stunk, reeked of all that makes the fight game occasionally distasteful. On the night it was clear that Floyd (maybe to his credit) prolonged the inevitable. It was a poor excuse for a contest. A boxer v a man who might as well have been blind with the worst case of arthritis you have seen, and an incontinence pad halfway down his legs hampering mobility. Slick feints, jabs, hooks, body swerves were all on display as Floyd (minus any form of pre-sparring) made the easiest bit of money he has for a while. Conor, in contrast, displayed his UFC boxing skills which could never be on par with Floyd’s. Conor’s over-reliance on his trusty left hand quickly petered out into a slow, performance as Conor ran out of the proverbially gas. He was defending punches with his face. The truth. If Floyd wanted to knock out Conor he could have.

In some ways, I felt a bit sorry for Conor McGregor. The willing pawn with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather who undoubtedly was the man pulling the strings to this whole fight. He let (and maybe told Conor) how to sell this fight. He told Conor this was his chance to make massive financial gains and Conor lapped it up in all his new money, came from the streets attitude. And while Floyd Mayweather made money Dana White made his nice slice of that pseudo fight.

Post debacle, Conor lapped up his new money. Conor could see his marketability soar to stratospheric levels and Burger King ads beckoned. He positively introduced his new projects. The Conor McGregor fashion line and whiskey unveiled as he rather crassly came in drinking his own brand. Conor grinned delirious with fame and money. He had not only got the cream but also the cream factory. Unfortunately, the cream factory he bought was on land owned by Floyd Mayweather and he did not have the deeds.

And so, to 2018. The pseudo twitter beef re-kindled between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Floyd parading in the octagon, the insults and yes we are back with a new chapter. Floyd to take on Conor in the octagon….’Fook That’. For the record in Conor’s world, Floyd Mayweather would take a can of whup-ass.

But wait just as the pre-promotion has started. Just as Floyd Mayweather et al test the water to see if the public would be up for a rematch…. Fook that. Conor ‘new money’ McGregor puts a massive spanner in the promotional machine. In many ways, I could go on and discuss Conor. At this moment in time, however, that would be a different piece and a different story. But then in many respects, not a different story. Anyway, I digressed again.

The facts are should that fight go ahead and indeed the likelihood is it will-after all, Conor McGregor will want to make that fight happen with the thoughts that his millions could disappear in legal bills. Then my thoughts are as follows. A repeat would be an insult to the fight game and most importantly us the viewing public. Conor McGregor V Floyd Mayweather 2. It’s the supposed ‘happy ending’ in an X-rated movie. It will be all over our collective faces (again salty) with nowhere to have a shower. Fook that!

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