Liverpool fans attacking Manchester City coach is a disgrace

Who doesn’t get hyped for a big game? – I can hardly blame the Kop for their turn out at Anfield a head of the Champions League quarter final against run-away leaders of the Premier League Manchester City.

But to right minded supporters, like myself, where is the need for violence? A blatant attack on the City coach left it so badly damaged it could not be used for the City players to return on and it clearly shook them.

Maybe this was the plan of the Liverpool fans? As the only way to get City off their pedestal was to physically threaten them. It obviously worked as Liverpool put three past City in the first half but fans should be disgraced of themselves.

Watching the videos that have surfaced of the event, just the shear amount of support City players saw would have been intimidating yet this was not enough for Liverpool fans as the coach was pelted with flares, stones and just about anything fans could get their hands on.

I love a good rivalry. Being a Norwich fan the East Anglian Derby is always something that throws up heated debates and fits of passion but any fan in their right mind knows what is right and wrong when it comes to supporting their club.

The team had come to play a game of football in what is one of the best countries for the sport, both teams representing the best league in the world on the European stage yet many broadcasters were left sour with the sight of the coach arriving.

I was watching Fox coverage of the game and all of the broadcaster’s pre-match show had to be scrapped as the coach attack took main stage and the managers pre-match interviews showed that as that is all that was talked about.

We see articles of European fans going mental and smashing up bars when they lose or attacking other fans. Let’s not allow our league to become this and have hooligan football take centre stage once again.

Just let support speak for its self without the need for violence.

Liverpool have since been charged by UEFA and the event is being investigated by the police. The hearing will not take place until May 31st and therefore any punishment will not impact the current season but the actions of a few fans has overshadowed what was a  fantastic performance by the Merseyside team.

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