Jose Mourinho – ‘The Self-Absorbed, Old One’?

“Jose Mourinho is still the Special One, I would love to see him manage Liverpool one day.”

These were the words a Liverpool fan quoted on Talksport. As a fellow Liverpool fan, this got me thinking and I asked myself the question; would I take Mourinho as a manager Liverpool?

After much thought, the answer was a resounding no. Many would think this typical is behaviour of a Liverpool fan, disregarding the 25 trophies Mourinho has won. Do not get me wrong, there was once a time when Jose Mourinho was the best and most revolutionary manager ever seen in the Premier League and would’ve done anything to have him in the Anfield dugout.

However, erratic behaviour, lavish spending on poor players and a negative ‘anti-football’ brand has changed this view, with the other top six managers performing better.

Mourinho has often been synonymous with success and being a winner, but he has seen tougher times in recent years and when that happens he acts likes a child and throws his toys out the pram.

Cast your mind back to 2011, a time when Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid were playing a subservient role to Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, arguably the greatest side ever assembled. Losing yet again to Barcelona in the Supercopa, Mourinho turned to violence to mask his own failures shamefully eye gouging Tito Villanova in an incident caught on live television which highlighted his emotional inability to accept the fact he was no longer the ‘special one’.

In one of many violent matches, Jose Mourinho poked Tito Villanova in the eye (source: Telegraph).

This shameful behaviour was not an isolated incident as Mourinho, in recent years, has no problem publically berating his staff and players, which some people may describe as borderline bullying.

Just look at his treatment of Eva Carneiro and his public criticism of his current Manchester United players. Looking at the current situation with Luke Shaw, it is incredible a player who suffered a double fracture of his right leg in 2015 has been consistently humiliated for his performances and hung out to dry, even Shaw’s teammates have been left “dumbfounded” and “angry” with Jose Mourinho’s humiliation of the Manchester united defender.

The Daily Mail reported Mourinho’s ‘bullying’ is putting doubt into Gareth Bale’s  mind over a potential summer move to Old Trafford. Is constantly kicking a young man when he is down, the best way for a two-time Champions League winner to get a reaction?

Jose Mourinho gives Luke Shaw advice on the touchline (Source: Sky Sports).

If a manager has an issue with a player surely is not best to address those behind closed doors? Instead Mourinho has sought to air his dirty laundry in full view of the world’s media, once again proving Mourinho must deflect attention away from his shortcomings onto someone else.

This has been an omnipresent feature this season with Mourinho serving up excuse after excuse culminating in a self-absorbed 12 minute rant after the Seville defeat complaining his players aren’t mentally strong enough, he doesn’t have the quality to compete with Manchester City, the fans expectations are too high and the club needs to show more ambition.

This is from a manager who has spent over £300 million and still makes excuses over the lack of quality in his team?

He spoke as though Manchester United are minnows and the defeat to Seville should have come as no surprise, as let’s face it, according to Jose £300 million isn’t enough to earn a place in the Champion’s League quarter finals.

“Jurgen Klopp and Maurico Pochettino have built far more attractive sides with personality and spirit, with both built according to a recognisable plan to play a positive brand of football.”

Jose has created a narrative in which he has portrayed Manchester United as a ‘little club’ lucky to have a manager like himself and the only way the club will rise above this ‘little club’ status is if Jose works his ‘special’ magic.

Before getting sucked into Jose’s delusional narrative, it is important to remember between 1997 to 2011, Manchester United made the quarter-final 12 times in 15 seasons. So, Jose’s notion that Manchester United should be grateful he got them to the last-16 is laughable. It appears the old phrase ‘no individual is bigger than the club’ does not apply to Jose since it is apparent he asks that Manchester United subjugate itself to him.

Mourinho was once a brilliant manager and he may well come to surprise us once again but right now Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino and Pep Guardiola are making him look like a dinosaur.

Mourinho lifts the the Europa League trophy at the end of 2016/17 season (Source: Metro).

Goals, creativity, fast free-flowing football used to be words you associate with Manchester United but not anymore. Instead it’s Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham that occupy this description.

However, for Mourinho this does not matter as he has been quite vocal of the fact, based on current positions in the Premier League, only one team is superior.

“One in front of us. 18 behind us. Of course, in the future we want to have 19 clubs behind us, but this is the reality – and the reality is for people with brain, with sense, with common sense, with knowledge of what sports is”

This is a simplistic and flawed analysis. Jurgen Klopp and Maurico Pochettino have built far more attractive sides with personality and spirit, with both built according to a recognisable plan to play a positive brand of football.

There is no savaging of players in public, quite the opposite, just have a look at both managers support for Alberto Moreno and Dele Alli. Manchester United fans are not fools and one must wonder if they privately look at Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham with envy.

The tide is turning for Jose and there is growing chorus of fans in favour of showing him the exit door. Should Mourinho not button his lips and maintain his negative ‘anti-football’ philosophy, the fan discontent is certain to reach a clamorous crescendo.

Featured image credit: Independent


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